About Us

About Us

About Gangnath Youth Foundation

Gangnath Youth Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation, registered under society registration Act XXI of 1860. We undertakes humanitarian assistance, community development, disaster relief and nutritional support to beat hunger alongwith the purpose of welfare activities for empowerment and upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society. Our organization is effectively volunteering since last eight years in variegated fields like Education, Environmental awareness, women empowerment, skill development and so on.

As we are volunteering for variegated fields, we focus on 5Es:

  • E-Eradicate~Hunger
  • E-Educate ~ Children
  • E-Empower~Women
  • E-Environment~Awareness
  • E-Employment~Youth

In a very short span of time our organization has reached great heights because of dedication, hard work and passion of our core commițtee members and volunteers. To eradicate hunger, Gangnath Youth Foundation embarks to establish a community kitchen to serve healthy food to the poor people looking for food outside the government hospitals. To educate children, Gangnath Youth Foundation is providing free basic education to those children whose families can't afford tuition fees. To empower women, Gangnath Youth Foundation is providing free cutting and tailoring training to all the ladies which help these ladies to be self-reliant. To generate environmental awareness amongst the general public and school students, Gangnath Youth Foundation organised various awareness campaigns in which plantable pens, pencils, notepads, jute bags, T-shirts and steel bottles has been distributed to aware all about the importance of greenery in environment and not to use plastic.

Through these awareness campaigns various youth groups a platform to bring social changes and work towards their social responsibility and got opportunity to succeed.