Every contribution is meaningful, no matter how small it is. That the receiver gets the right assistance is important. Volunteerism is applicable both for giving and receiving help. To help voluntarily does not mean that one abandons the quality of help. It is often necessary to have fundamental education so that one could give right help and protection in difficult situations or in need. The national society shall be open for all but the condition is that one shall stand up for the fundamental principles. The volunteers and members of GYF are dedicated and hardworking as our organisation is coming up day by day. The symbol of work is-



'No one can fight with hunger'. There is saying “A sound mind in a sound body”. If you need to have a sound mind in a sound body then off course, you need to eat nutritious food. It is said that, the only person who went through the situation has felt the pain.We have met with two situations which inspired us to open a community kitchen. A daily wage earner who works very hard to earn their livelihood but still has no deposits. If anyone in his house falls ill by mistake, then the income of his house gets halted. There is no choice for him either work for wages or visit the hospital.

(I) Once we found a person crying aloud (outside the Safdarjung hospital) just because his son was suffering from an epic disease and he doesn't have enough money to earn their livelihood. He was crying that he doesn't have anything to eat since last few days. All the accumulated deposits spent due to the illness of the child into the essential items. Due to this the whole family suffers and have nothing to eat and seems like they are also moving towards the disease.

(II) Coronavirus lockdown in India, it has adversely affected Lakhs of daily wage earners, servants, construction workers, daily labourers, Rickshaw-pullers, Balloon sellers, and so on, who have no means of income to feed their families for the next few weeks due to which they were suffering from starvation.

These situations helped us to feel the pain and hurdles that a daily wage earners feeling and facing almost every day. From these experiences we decided that we will provide meals to the people on daily basis. We decided to distribute the nutritious and hygienic food to the people. These situations inspired us to develop a community kitchen named- अन्न Gangnath youth foundation is working for the upliftment of underprivileged and economically weaker sections, ladies and children. Number of ladies come to us having children at home but no one to earn the livelihoods. Most of these ladies were uneducated and underprivileged single parent (widow/ divorced) trying to battle economic and social agonies. They have to live for their children and earn money. Handling everything alone facing the struggle to earn the livelihoods and serve the children. So, through अन्न various ladies get the opportunity to work and to feed their children and become economically independent.

According to Census 2011, there are 50 million-plus single women in India, who constitute 8.6 percent of the total female population in India. Single women is an umbrella term for all those women who are divorced or separated from their husbands, or are widowed. When considering the financial resources aspect of basic causes, if a family does not earn enough income through consistent and sufficient work to buy food and other necessities, the resulting poverty can lead to inadequate food security and inability to access health care services.