We Educate Children

We Educate Children

Children are entitled to a free, quality basic education. Recognizing this entitlement, Gangnath Youth Foundation providing free basic education to the underprivileged children for the last eight years. Many children don’t get an adequate learning environment. Some of them belong to the poor families where parent are not educated enough to provide them with an adequate environment to learn or some are busy with their daily working schedules. But some of the parents are conscious about the education of their children but they can't pay attention to their studies due to many reasons. So, we can proudly say that most of them are now able to read and write by themselves. With the goal of 'sab padhe sab badhe', we started "sarv siksha abhiyan" for poor and marginalised children and scholarships to the secondary students. We provide them with free tuition and help them to explore their hidden capabilities. We not only help them with their studies but we also give them a platform to improve their artistic skills and other talents. We also provide stationery items like pen, pencils, notebooks etc. to those children who are in need. Their parents are very happy and satisfied with the environment their children getting to learn and grasp the knowledge through various means like audio-visual equipment, cartoons, movies and graphics.

Our organization having trained and well-qualified teaching staff. Some of them having years of teaching experience. They provide a proper guidance and counsel the students to choose the right career according to their interest. They also guide the students and guardians a way to progress and how to succeed.