We Empower Women

We Empower Women

According to Census 2011, there are 50 million-plus single women in India, who constitute 8.6 per cent of the total female population in India.

Today the women of India is doing extremely well in all fields from teaching to research and from engineering to medicine, but the other side of the coin explains and reveals an entirely different story. Still in 21st century in our country. There is a large section of women those are still deprived of education and employment and are dependent on others for their livelihood. In GANGNATH YOUTH FOUNDATION we started the sewing centre for poor, illiterate and unemployed women. There is a Chinese proverb "if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but if you teach a man how to do fishing you will feed him for a lifetime. GYF follows this and in this sewing centre, many unemployed & uneducated women learnt the art of sewing clothes and this helped them to improve their social-economic status. We received an overwhelming response from hundreds of women on this programme.