We Eradicate Hunger

We Eradicate Hunger

'No one can fight with hunger'. Delhi is a metropolitan city, a large number of migrants come to Delhi either for work or for better medical facilities. Most of them are daily wage earners. They ate as much as they earned like labours, hawkers, etc.

There are among hundreds of poor patients and their attendants who spend days and nights on the pavement outside various hospitals in Delhi. They can't afford to go home and come back and some have follow-up checkups the next day. Getting treatment in government hospitals isn't as easy as it seems. In order to get an appointment with a doctor, they have to line up all day long and struggle for the same. This continuous struggle faced by attendants make them weak, vulnerable and helpless; but their teary eyes remain hopeful. Most of them face a financial crunch and affording one-time meal becomes difficult.

When a person has a hunger for a sustained period of time, he or she can develop malnutrition, either mild or severe, depending on one's body needs and food intake, so Gangnath Youth Foundation took an initiative to serve them meals @5/-(per food packet) so that they do not lose their conscience because hardworking people don't like to take anything for free. We serve meals thrice a week which will help the people to prevent malnutrition undernutrition and physical illness.